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Artist and Creator of
As a London born Japanese artist, Daisuke Sakaguchi’s underlying and inimitable aesthetic expresses his love for creative design, the culture that comes with it and the fusion of his Japanese and British roots. 

Daisuke has been chosen as one of the 200 leading artists from around the world to create a spectacular exclusive giant Egg for The Faberge Big Egg Hunt 2012, London’s biggest ever outdoor exhibition!
Taking the form of the body suit, Daisuke’s fully hand painted Irezumi inspired “Mirai” Egg can be viewed nested proudly on Newburgh Street, Central London!
The line up for this mammoth interactive display includes Vivienne Westwood, Sir Ridley Scott, Zaha Hadid, Chapman Brothers, Zandra Rhodes and Sir Peter Blake!

The exhibition launched on 21st February, Shrove Tuesday a.k.a Pancake Day and for 40 days and 40 nights, all 200 Eggs will be nested in the streets of London and auctioned to raise money for two awesome charities, the “Elephant Family” and “Action for Children”.

Please visit the bidding site for The “Mirai” Egg on: 
To see more of Daisuke’s work check out his creative brand, THE 27 LIFE, on
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